Sunday, February 23, 2014


            Today marks a one year anniversary of my first date with a gentleman.  His name is William.  I felt and still feel totally safe and comfortable in his presence.  It has so totally revolutionized my life to know how God has used and continues to use my Christian brother to help me overcome my “uncomfortableness” with males.  Through this process, I have discovered the difference between “males and men” as Bill has discovered the difference between “females and women.”  One relates to human gender, raging hormones, socially biased attitudes and typically unrealistic expectations.   The other is God’s reverent design for sacred marriage since before Genesis unveiled Eden. 
            This morning as William complimented me for yet another of what I considered a “routine and ordinary” breakfast, he expressed his gratitude this way.
            “Kate, I never imagined what my life could be like living with a wife.  You have far exceeded anything I could ever have imagined.  You are a true treasure to me.”
            Now ladies (and gents who cook for your wife), never underestimate the days of small beginnings.  You may consider preparing breakfast a trivial task… sunny-side up eggs, crispy bacon, and home-style biscuits with apple butter, but to your spouse (whether he/she voices a compliment or not), it is a careful, considerate demonstration of compassion and comfort all wrapped up in the imaginary treasure of “red gingham & warm heart butter.”
            None of us is guaranteed tomorrow.  Both William and I have lived long enough to experience how unpredictable, precarious and fragile life is.  As your “honey” is buttering your biscuit with compliments for the seemingly mundane chores of life, welcome the richness of those moments. 


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