Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Everywhere I go these days, every person I meet, every message I hear or read, in every circumstance, it seems the message I hear the Lord sharing is, “Trust Me.” Whether it’s about a job situation, a sick child, an aging parent, a son at war, a discouraging diagnosis, a separation from a mate, a geographical move or a future marriage, to name a few, life presents trust issues.

The question is, “Are we going to trust our Sovereign God?” To be sure, many of these situations are unpleasant, stressful, painful, lonely, and certainly NOT to my liking. They may not turn out at all the way I have pictured them in my head or hoped for, but ultimately, the Lord of my life reaches for my hand and asks, “Will you trust Me for the outcome?”

Herein is His Peace that passes ALL understanding. My former pastor and friend, Rick Milby at Abundant Life Fellowship in Corpus Christi, TX once explained Phil 4:7 in a way I have never forgotten. 

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” NASB

Pastor Rick’s word picture appealed to me because I've had the opportunity to own several, super hot cars in my life. I can see the silver and black panels and the red pin-striping of my Indy Pace-car Corvette. I can still smell it's red leather interior that fit my frame like a glove. I can also tell you that I set the pace more than a few times between Lake Dallas and Denton in the days before I had kids who brought my need for a “Soccer Mom” van.

Imagine traveling down the highway of Life. You and your human understanding are driving along in the front car, tending your lane, enjoying the lead position, minding and mulling over the scenery even as the route twists and turns. All the while, traffic is stacking up behind your lead and many attempt to pass unsuccessfully. And then, from seemingly nowhere, another car enters the passing lane, and with ease, breezes by to take the straight away and lead the entourage!

This picture is like Divine Peace as He passes all our human understanding when we give the lead position to trust God in everything. The key word is GIVE. We must yield the very thing we hold onto…our need to have the lead-car position in our lives.

The world around us flaunts, encourages, and teaches placing our confidence in ourselves along with our talents and abilities to live successfully. The Lord instructs us through Paul in Phil 3:3 to put no confidence in our flesh…. In other words, don’t be “pulled away” by a lead car called “Confidence” in your humanity.

I could tout as Paul does in subsequent verses. It seems that people regularly remind me of how God has blessed me with a creative heritage, a zeal for music, and a zest for artistic expression whether I have a paintbrush, pen or a pair of scissors in my hand. It’s humbling and I am grateful that He has gifted me in many ways. 

Like Paul, I count it ALL loss in view of a surpassing knowledge in Jesus. I can stand before you today and Father God tomorrow knowing Christ and the power of His Resurrection in my life. I know Him more intimately now through the “fellowship of His Suffering.”

Most of us, me included, don’t like the “suffering” part and we slug along in our fellowship with Jesus because of it. We like those easy and straight-forward highways so we can “punch it and go it alone.” Driving the open roads full speed ahead builds a false confidence in our human spirit and sometimes, God uses a little and/or lot of fellowship called suffering. 

When life throws me a curve in the darkness that I can’t humanly comprehend, I do know that I can trust the Lord to pop the clutch, down shift a gear or two, and take control of my pace car.  My only job is to keep my eyes focused on Him, on the road just ahead, prop my foot on the dash, roll the window down and enjoy the wind's breeze in my hair…

I can trust the “Driver of my Peace car” to hug me and the road nicely… and so can you!

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PLEASE NOTE:  This post is not intended to judge the depth of anyone's relationship with the Lord but to share how God worked in MY h...